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    Heritage MedCall provides affordable and reliable communication solutions for virtually any type of healthcare facility.
    Independent and Assisted Living Facilities can benefit from our reasonably priced, scalable and full-featured
    solutions of wireless Sentry Freedom configurations.  Both systems can integrate with many other building systems
    such as Fire, Nurse Call, and Access Control to simplify and streamline operations.  These systems are easy to
    install, operate and maintain all proven benefits, which mean more money at the bottom line.

    Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and any other facility requiring UL listed visual nurse call equipment have
    experienced the benefits of our Visual Nurse Call System (VNS). Where voice communications are not necessary,
    VNS provides a simple and robust audible and visual signaling system to fulfill patient and staff needs.

    With 20 years of experience in the healthcare field Heritage MedCall distinguishes itself from our competition by our
    solid products and our commitment to outstanding service.  This commitment extends to our nationwide dealer
    network as well as their customers, the people who make the important decisions to choose systems they can
    depend on every day.