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    Valcom is a well known manufacturer of communication equipment, public address units, telephone interfacing
    devices which will adapt to any phone system the customers own. The systems designed with Valcom devices allow
    different ways for the audio signal to be processed: as analog, VOIP or wireless, this making easy integration with
    Text-to –speech technology which is also part of the Valcom line of products.

    All Valcom systems are extremely flexible; any initial design can be modified at any point to fit changes requested by
    any building manager, and to fit any budget. The public address systems allow to be installed in phases, giving the
    customer the capability to schedule any installation over few budget years if needed.
    MDCC NJ has a vast experience to install Valcom systems in all types of Facilities: hospitals, nursing homes,
    schools, industrial plants, warehouses with multiple integrations (local music sources, emergency microphones,
    timed generated tones and messages, alarm tones, etc.)